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Welcome to the Blog!

Well met, o travelers upon this vast plane of reality! Thanks for stopping by.

What is this blog about? A valid question, given the far-reaching topics covered. It's about storytelling, simple as a smile----and just as complex.

Someone once said, "Those who tell the stories rule the world." And they were onto something. With the right narrative, you can move minds, move hearts, move mountains, and shape the lives and actions of every audience member. The right narrative; that is, a compelling one (and hopefully one with a moral compass).

And that's what we'll talk about here. How to create believable, captivating worlds, and the stories that take place in them. We'll talk about physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, biology, history, anthropology, engineering, psychology, sociology, linguistics, philosophy, cartography, art, and so much more. We will respectfully plagiarize the real world and utilize vast panchrestons. We will shape new realities and frolic in the potential for our creations to conjure wonders.

And I'll be on this journey, just like you. I'll acquire new knowledge, construct new worlds, and share my discoveries with you. Like iron whetting iron, we'll sharpen each other.

The road of a storyteller, of a worldbuilder, is longer than history, wider than the mind can grasp.

Let's walk it together.

A disclaimer: Our brains are not yet supercomputers. Nor do people build stories to perfectly replicate reality. As a result, we'll be creating and acting upon overarching, often dangerously broad theories. I'll use Jared Diamond, not because I agree with his geographical determinism, but because he presents useful worldbuilding shortcuts and interesting points for narrative construction. We should respect that which deserves respect, but we are not making this world. We are making something else entirely.


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